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Yunnan narrow gauge railway's SN clsss steam locomotive

SN23 the 0-10-0 Steam locomotive(jpeg43KB)
In October, 1990 JIjie station
The steam locomotive of the Jijie-Gejiu line is built by Baldwin Works of U.S.A in 1930. He continued to run for 70 years in the ground of the China Yunnan where left distantly from America. Although his gauge is 600 mm but his weight of the body is 45 tons and there was presence very much.

The data of Baldwin 0-10-0 SN class
Axis arrangement 0-10-0 The water tankage (m3) 6.8
Locomotive operation weight (t) 29.48 Fuel installation quantity (t) 3.0
Tender operation upgrading weight (t) 16.49 The overall length (a/the mm) 14,850
Driving wheel diameter (a/the mm) 711 All high (a/the mm) 3,120
Boiler Pressure(kg/cm2) 12.5 A/the span (a/the mm) 2,400
Grate Area(m2) 1.88 Gauge 610mm(2ft)

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