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About the station of Yunnan narrow-gauge railways

Kunming Bei station(jpeg14KB) The Kunming Bei station is located to the north of the city area of Kunming.("Bei" is the meaning of the north in Chinese.) This station is the start point of Kunming-Hekou line. Yunnan is the hinterland of China. However, there are many foreigners who visit, because there are several famous sightseeing resorts. Many foreigners use a bus. Accordingly there are few foreigners who use in this station.
Kaiyuan station(jpeg145B) The Kaiyuan station is the point of 248 kilometers from Kunming. Train runs in 15 minutes for 9 hours. There is a Yunnan narrow-gauge railway exhibition room on the 2nd floor of this station.
Jijie station(jpeg12KB)
Jijie station(jpeg15KB)
The Jijie station is the junction station of a Jijie-gejiu line. However, there is only a small way to the station. The name of the "Jijie station" was written to the wall of outside of station. If there is not the name of "Jijie station" on this wall we did not understand here is the station.
Gejiu station(jpeg14KB) The Gejiu station is a fashionable appearance. Before the China revolution, there was the cottage of French in Gejiu. However, at present there are very few foreigners who visit here.
Huogudou station(jpeg14KB) The Huogudou station is the small station of inside of a mountain. At this time, the absolute block system was not being used for the JIjie-Gejiu line. However, there was a block system machine in this station. And, it was maintenance everyday so that it is able to use it anytime. The station staff of a woman was doing cooking with a coal range outside the station.

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