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Jijie-Gejiu line timetable

Jijie-Gejiu line timetable 1980.10(jpeg18KB)Jijie-Gejiu line's timetable(jpeg18KB)
Jijie-Gejiu line timetable (Oct. 1980 and Oct. 1983)
This is the timetable of a jijie line. When I visited Jijie-Gejiu line in 1990, the timetable was not disclosing. Two locomotives are necessary, to drive in accordance with this timetable. In 1990, only one locomotive was able to oprated. Only 1 locomotive was working in 1990. Therefore a train can not drive in accordance with this diagram. We searched the timetable of the Jijie-Gejiu line. However, I was unable to find the timetable. There is not a timetable in where. Although I asked it to the station staff he did not answer it.

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