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JF6(Mikaro or MIKA-6) calss steam locomotive

Sujiatun steam museum April 1999
Miika-1 class locomotive is not able to use for low construction rail track. Therefore a more smaller locomotive became necessary than the Mika-1 class. Mika-6 is the meaning of the 6th locomotive class of 2-8-2. He was built of about 300 cars by Hitachi, Nippon Sharyo, Kisha Seizo, Kawasaki, SMR Shahekou work, SMR Dalian works , Dalian machine works and Manchuria railcar works in 1912. He was using it with SMR and Manchuria national railrway for a freight train. After the time, Mika-6 became to base of SY class locomotive.

The data of JF6 class
Whell arrengment 2-8-2 Hearting surface(m2) 214.7
Max axle weight 15.3 Hight of boiler cube center(mm) 2,680
Diameter of driving wheel(mm) 1,370 Length(mm) 21,168
Cylinder Diamensions(mm) 530×710 Hight(mm) 4,244
Boiler pressure(kg/cm2) 14.0 Length of locomotive(mm) 12,380
Grate area(m2) 4.57 Length of tender(mm) 8,788

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