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JS class steam locomotive

JS class
Sujiatun Depot May 1981
The class name of JS is the initial of the meaning of the construction of Chinese. The JS calss is the freight locomotive that China designs and built. The first JS class was born in the Datong locomotive works in July, 1957. After the 1165 cars of JS class were built in the China locomotives and worked until 1965. The improved model was designed in 1985 after that. The number subsequent to No. 8000 is given to these locomotives. And these improves JS class ware built 423 cars until 1988 in the Datong locomotives works.

Data of JS class
Whell arrengment 2-8-2 Hearting surface(m2) 279.53
Loco. weight(t) 91.30 Loading capacity of water(m3) 35.0
Tender weight(t) 32.00 Loading capacity of coal(t) 15.0
Weight on driving wheel(t) 79.78 Hight of boiler cube center(mm) 2,819
Diameter of driving wheel(mm) 1370 Length(mm) 23,053
Cylinder Diamensions(mm) 580 X 710 Hight(mm) 4,760
Boiler pressure(kg/cm2) 15.00 Length of locomotive(mm) 13,216
Grate area(m2) 5.08 Length of tender(mm) 9,837

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