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ET7 class steam locomotive

ET7 class
Sep. 1999 Anhui China photo by Takahisa Uchida
Mr. Takashisa Uchida shot the photograph of this locomotive at Anhui China. This class name "ET7" is the abbreviation of 8 wheel switchers's 7th class.. And it meaning of 0-8-0's wheel arrangement. And it meaning of 0-8-0's wheel arrangement. After the China revolution, the locomotives of Eastern Europe was imported to China via Russia. This locomotives was built by CHRZANOW of Poland in 1959. The makers plate is still attached to this locomotive. It was written like this there.
5317 CHRZANOW 1959

Data of ET7 class
Gauge(mm) 1,435 Alex area(m2) 2.19
Loco. waight(t) 52.0 Loco. waight of working order(t) 66.8
Cylinder Diamensions(mm) 550X550 Diameter of driving wheel(mm) 1,100
Hearting surface(m2) 152.4 Super hearting surface(m2) 40.0
Loading capacity of water(m3) 6.5 Loading capacity of coal(t) 3.0
Length(mm) 10,816 Width(mm) 2,950
Height(mm) 4,100 Height of Boiler Cube center(mm) 2,700

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