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1970's Taiwan railway depots

1970's Taiwan railway depots
In 1970's Taiwan still enforce martial law. And with mainland China and Taiwan was violently conflicting. Then Railway was one of important facility on the defence. We were able to shoot only place that on allowed. Or from the train running, I was taken by secret. The bridges and tunnels, or station platform in order to prevent the enemy attacks and espionage, soldiers were guarding.

Miaoli depot(11 photos)
In MIoli it was only taken from trains passing. This depot's located locomotives are use for assist of the mount line.
  1. DT560 Class
  2. CK100 Class
  3. CT254(CT250 class)
  4. CT276(CT270 Class)
  5. DT671(DT650 Class)(1)
  6. DT671(DT650 Class)(2)
  7. DT671(DT650 Class)(3)
  8. DT671(DT650 Class)(4)
  9. Depot building(1)
  10. Depot building(2)
  11. turn table

Taichung depot(5 photos)
We can not visited this depot. Only shot from platform.
  1. View from Taichung station
  2. CT270 Class and S300 Desel locomotive
  3. DMU in house
  4. Wherehouse and S311(S300 Class) diesel locomotive
  5. Small shunting diesel locomotive #DL1503

Ershui depot(14 photos)
Ershui depot is a branch depot and use for Jiji branch line locomotives.
  1. Depot name plate and CK124(CK120 Class)
  2. CK122 and CK125 in garage
  3. CK124 in garage
  4. CK127 in garage
  5. Water tank tower
  6. CK124 in coal bunker #1
  7. CT189(CT150 Class) and CK125(1)
  8. CK124 in coal bunker #2
  9. CK124 in coal bunker #3
  10. DT586(DT580 Calss)
  11. CT189(CT150 Class)とCK125(3)
  12. Training equipment of throw a coal to firebox
  13. Freight train by CK125 #1
  14. Freight train by CK125 #2

Hsinchu depot(25 photos)
Hsinchu depot visited in 1976. This depot had a lot of locomotives. However, our action is very limited, anywhere we can not freely. Shooting of only locomotive is no problem. We was banned photo by the entire overview that can be grasped depot. I was only few secret shot on this depot.
  1. View depot from Hsinchu station
  2. View depot from Hsinchu station platform
  3. View depot from Hsinchu station overpass brige #2
  4. View depot from Hsinchu station overpass brige #3
  5. Turntable and roundhouse
  6. CT169 (CT150 class) in seide of roundhouse
  7. CT158 (CT150 class) and friegt car of coal bunker
  8. CT158 (CT150 class) and DT653 (DT650 class)
  9. Headquarter of depot
  10. DT671 (DT650 class)
  11. DT672 (DT650 class)
  12. CT187 (CT150 class)
  13. R50 class deisel locomotive on turntable
  14. Freight car in turntable
  15. CT164 and CT168 (CT150 class) in roundhouse #1
  16. CT164 and CT168 (CT150 class) in roundhouse #1
  17. DT609 (DT580 class) at inside of roundhouse
  18. DT610 (DT580 class) exiting of roundhouse
  19. Distant view of roundhouse and turntable
  20. DT672 (DT650 class)
  21. DT672 (DT650 class) and sand mountain
  22. CT187 (CT150 class)
  23. DT673 (DT650 class)
  24. CT187 (CT150 class) shunting passenger car
  25. Freight train by DT672 (DT650 class)

Chiayi depot(23 phots)
In 1976 we only look of distant view of depot. However wo can visit this depot in 1977. In 1977 started electrifaid. In 1976 we looked only distant view on this depot from station. However next 1977 we can visited this depot. In 1977 started electrified. Views of the surrounding has been gradually changed.
  1. Distant view of depot from Chiayi station
  2. Main gate of Chiayi depot
  3. Distans view of roundhouse
  4. Depot office enterance
  5. Back side view of main gate
  6. DT658 (DT650 class)
  7. DT658 (DT650 calss) ans CT259 (CT250 class)
  8. CT279 (CT270 class)
  9. DT668 (DT650 calss)
  10. DT665 (DT650 calss) and open wagon
  11. DT665 (DT650 class)
  12. Human power shunting of open wagon
  13. DT665 (DT650 class)
  14. CT275 (CT270 class)
  15. Distant view of depot
  16. CT259 (CT250 class)
  17. DT665 (DT650 calss) and CT259 (CT250 class)
  18. CT259 (CT250class) and bamboo hat wearing staff
  19. Coal yard and CT259 (CT250 class)
  20. Coal as mountain and DT604 (DT580 class)
  21. CK102 (CK100 class) in front line of roundhouse
  22. Turntable operator box and CK102 (CK100 class)
  23. DT601 passing of side line of roundhouse

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