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South Korea Mika-3 class steam locomotive

In early 1980's, South Korea railway started sightseeing steam locomotive train were operated between Pusan-Gyeongju. Use steam locomotive was the Mika-3 class. Then I had no information for Korean railway. Still I went to photography.
  1. Mika-3 161 in Pusan(1)
  2. Mika-3 161 in Pusan(2)
  3. Mika-3 177 in Pusan
  4. Train from Pusan to Gyeongju(1)
  5. Train from Pusan to Gyeongju(2)
  6. Train from Pusan to Gyeongju(3)
  7. Train from Pusan to Gyeongju(4)
  8. Train from Pusan to Gyeongju(5)
  9. In passenger room
  10. Turntable in Gyeongju
  11. Mika-3 161 in Korea railway museum

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