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My Profile and other information

Name : Eiji Nozawa (E-mail:kuroganerail@gmail.com)
Born in 1955
Living in Saitama Prefecture Japan (Near of Tokyo)

I am a Japanese railfan. I shot the photograph of a railway locomotives with the hobby. It is my personal pleasure. Therefore I had not announced a photograph and sentence heretofore. However, the Internet and machine translation system changed it. Probably, this webpage's English is broken. However, the photograph is the real thing. I hope that you enjoy this page.

You can make the link freely to my page. You do not need to obtain my permission. Please make a LINK! But, I hope that you makes the link to my top page(http://www.kurogane-rail.jp/eindex.html). Because, other page's URL is often changed or deleted. My Webpage's disk space is very little. If you give E-mail to me I can contact various information to you.

Mr. Su, I-Jaw, Mr. Geoff Coward, Mr. Peter Crush, Ms. Her-ting Huang, Mr. Jason Hung, Mr. Hsieh Ming Pin, Mr. Atsushi Kaneko, Mr.Mitsuhiro Katsuragawa, Mr. Ryuichi Kita, Mr. Yoshihiko Ohtsu, Mr. Junichi Satomi, Mr. S. Shiozaki, Mr. Hidetoshi Takani, Mr. Ryokichi Takahashi, Ms. Ayako Takahashi and Mr. Takahisa Uchida, Mr. Sonjukyo Rikou, Mr. Yuhei Minato, Mr. Nobuo Noguchi, Mr. Osamu Takeya, And many people who gave advice to me.

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