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Philippine Negros island's suger railways

These pages are a sugar factory in Philippines Negros island in 1983. Negros is the greatest sugar producing district in the big island in the 4th Philippines. In 1985, the international price of sugar slumped. Many factories went bankrupt, the plantation was closed and employees were discharged. This is a picture of the time before that.

La Carlota suger central
  1. Steam locomotive No.100
  2. Steam locomotive No.103
  3. Cab of No.103
  4. Steam locomotive No.104
  5. Steam locomotive No.107
  6. Steam locomotive No.108
  7. No.108 on brige
  8. Diesel locomotive No.10
  9. motor car(1)
  10. motor car(2)
  11. Freight car derailment(1)
  12. Freight car derailment(2)
  13. Freight car derailment(3)
  14. Freight car derailment(4)
  15. Freight car derailment(5)
  16. Water buffalo towed freight car
  17. Map of La Carlota railway
Victorias Milling Company
  1. Steam locomotive No.4
  2. Steam locomotive No.8
  3. Diesel locomotive No.27
  4. Diesel locomotive No.36
  5. Steam locomotive No.8 passing banana forst
  6. Steam locomotive No.8 derailment
  7. No.8 steam locomotive in a field(1)
  8. No.8 steam locomotive in a field(2)
  9. Horse tramcar(1)
  10. Horse tramcar(2)
  11. Horse tramcar(3)
Hawaiian-Philippine Company
  1. Steam locomotive No.5
  2. Steam locomotive No.6
  3. Steam locomotive No.9
  4. Steam locomotive No.4 and No.5
  5. Diesel locomotive No.11
  6. Diesel locomotive
  7. Motor car No.7
  8. Motor car No.8
The preservation locomotive of other sugar factories
  1. Steam locomotive BMI No.1
  2. Steam locomotive BMMC No.6
  3. Steam locomotive TASMICO No.4

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