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JS class in Shanghai city

At present China is developing economy sharply. Especially a big change happened in Shanghai. The steam locomotive was used around of Shanghai until 10 years ago. However, it was thought that it was abolished all now. I heard that a steam locomotive is used yet in several factories of the Shanghai. It is very difficult to enter inside a factory and shoot, the permission is not obtained if almost there is not any special relation. Yet, I am able to shoot the dedicated line of factory outside from a road. Therefore the special permission is not necessary. I introduce JS class steam locomotive of the Shanghai Coking and Chemical (SCCPG) of the Minxing area. I shot this photograph in 1999. However, this locomotive is working yet in October, 2001.

  1. Parking JS class at road side
  2. View on the right side of the JS class
  3. View on the left side of the JS class
  4. JS class that appear from the factory
  5. Passing the railway crossing
  6. JS class on freight yard
  1. Water tank in 2007
  2. DF4 class comes out from a factory
  3. DF4 class passing through a crossing
  4. DF4 in Mingxing frieght yard

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