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N. Noguchi's Taiwan TSR narrow gauge locomotives

Mr. Nobuo Noguchi of the sculptor visited Taiwan in the late 1970's. There were many railways for the harvest of a sugar cane. And a few steam locomotives still was working. I was borrowed several phots from Mr. Noguchi. And now I got his permit of display in this web site. I am very glad that I can disclose his photos.
TSR of Taiwan
  1. Suantou works
  2. Huwei
  3. Putzu line(1)
  4. Putzu line(2)
  5. Putzu line Near Putzu station(1)
  6. Putzu line Near Putzu station(2)
  7. Putzu line Near Putzu station(3)
  8. Putzu line Near Putzu station(4)
  9. Putzu line Near Putzu station(5)
  10. Putzu line Near Putzu station(6)
  11. Putzu line Near Putzu station(7)
  12. Luntzu line(1)
  13. Luntzu line(2)
  14. Hsiayitzu line(1)
  15. Hsiayitzu line(2)
  16. Yichu-Annei
  17. Annei-Yichu
*Notes:Mr. N. Noguchi holds the copyright to all phots. Reproduction forbidden.

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