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A change of Wudu in 28 years

I watched a human power railway for the first time in 1976. The coal mine railway of Wudu Taiwan was famous. However, I did not know that there was a human power railway there till I went to there. I went to Taiwan many times afterwards. However, I did not go to Wudu for 28 years. Wudu changed greatly in 28 years. This webpages are my memory of walk twice in Wudu.
  1. Taipei side of Wudu station
  2. Keelung side of Wudu station
  3. Bridge of Keelung river
  4. Side of highway
  5. Under of highway
  6. Sunken road of the rock
  7. Side of Yourui creek
  8. Yourui(1)
  9. Yourui(2)
  10. Yourui(3)
  11. Outside of shop(1)
  12. Outside of shop(2)
  13. Outside of shop(3)
  14. Outside of shop(4)
Please click the screen image. It is displayed in turn, the monochrome image in 1976 and the color image in 2004.

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