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The photography at Beijing / Shanghai Station in China

A railway is still used for a Chinese long-distance trip mainly. Therefore the station is very lively. In the field saying the photography of the railroad, the photography at the station is very easy. However, I think that I am important in recording it.

Beijing station
  1. Outside of Beijing station
  2. Inside of Beijing station
  3. Waiting room
  4. Platform
  5. Dengfeng 4 class DF4-5293
  6. Dengfeng 4 class DF4-2212
  7. Dengfeng 4 class DF4-2250
  8. Dengfeng 7C class DF7-5612
  9. Dengfeng 4D class F4D-3025
  10. Shaoshang 9 class SS9-0091
  11. CRH5 class High speed railcar
  12. CRH2 class high speed railcar
  13. CRH2 class onnection side
  14. CRH2 class dining car
  15. Dengfeng 11 class DF11-0142
  16. Dengfeng 4 class DF4-9221
  17. Platform before the train departure

Beijing-Bei (Beijing North) station
  1. Beijing-Bei station
  2. Beijing-Bei station square

Qinglongjiao station
  1. Qinglongjiao station
  2. Switchback line

Shanghai station
  1. Outside of Shanghai station
  2. Shanghai Station platform ticket release window
  3. Dengfeng 11 class DF11-0053
  4. Dengfeng 7G DF7G-0032
  5. CRH2 class high speed railcar
  6. Shaoshang 7E class SS7E-0112

Shanghai-Nan (Shanghai south) station
  1. Outside of Shanghai-Nan station
  2. Ticket windows
  3. Sstation wicket
  4. Platform
  5. Shaoshang 8 class SS8-0038
  6. Dengfeng 7G class DF7G-0009
  7. Dengfeng 11 class F11-0080

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