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Yunnan narrow gauge railways

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About Yunnan narrow gauge railway
The gauges of most of the China railways are 1435 mm. There is the railway of the metre gauge of Yunnan. Also, there was 600 mm gauge of railway. These are called the Yunnan narrow-gauge railways.
  1. About SN class steam locomotive
  2. Station of the Yunnan narrow-gauge railways
  3. Timetable of the Jijie-Gejiu line

Kungming-Hekou line of the metre gauge
The Kunming-Hekou line (468km) is the railway between Kunming and Vietnam border nearby Hekou. This is the main line of a Yunnan narrow-gauge railways. In 1903 the Qing dynasty of China and France made the railway construction treaty. And France starts the construction of this railway and finished in 1910. The Vietnam was the colony of France at that time. Already there was the railway of a meter gauge between Hanoi and Raokai. In this way, the train has come to be able to drive from Hanoi to the Yunnan and became like the colony of France.
The Japan-China war began. The R.O.China government watched out that the Japanese army attacks Yunnnan by using this railway. Therefore they removed the rail of the railway.
After People's Republic of China materialization, this railway became the line of National Railways of China. And the rail was spread once again in 1957. The locomotive made by France was being used from the first time in this railway. At the time of the war, the Japanese army carried a JNR 9600 class locomotive from Japan. After the war, JNR 9600 class became the KD5 class of China National Railways. Furthermore the KD5 class is converted to a meter gauge and became a KD55 class. The steam locomotive was used until the middle of the 1980's. However, at present the Diesel locomotive is used.

  1. Mixed train and DFH21-004 are hauled in the Kunming Bei station
  2. A wooden coach (a hard sheet class car)
  3. A steel body coach (a civilization train)
  4. At night line train is hauled and the Kunming Bei station with DFH24-052
  5. DFH21 class Diesel locomotive in the Jijie station
  6. Scrapped KD55 class at Kunmin Bei #1
  7. Scrapped KD55 class at Kunmin Bei #2
  8. Scrapped KD55 class at Kunmin Bei #3
  9. Scrapped KD55 class at Kunmin Bei #4
  10. Scrapped JF51-706 at Kunming Bei #1
  11. Scrapped JF51-706 at Kunming Bei #2
  12. JF51-738 is preserved in Kunming Bei
  13. SN23 is preserved in Kunming Bei

Jijie-Gejiu line
The railway gauge of this Jijie-Gejiu line is 600 mm. It is a narrowest gauge railway of China. This railway line was planned to the Qing dynasty era in 1903. However, the plan was not implemented due to funds lack. In 1915 becoming construction was started. In Nov. 1921, the line from Gejiu to Caotu was opened. Oct. 1928, the branch line from JIjie to Linan was opened and this line was extended to Shibing at Oct. 1934. These railway lines were called the Gebishi railroad. The total line of this railway is 176 km, and gauge is 600 mm. This railroad was the sole private management railroad in China in that time. After People's Republic of China materialization this railway line became the line of China National Railways. In the 1960's most of the lines were regauged to metre gauge or it became abolition. AT Last Gejiu-Jijie line was remaining with 600 mm gauge. However, it was abolished in 1990. The steam locomotive made of Baldwin of America was used in this railway.
  1. The SN 23 steam locomotive front of the Gejiu station
  2. SN class steam locomotive that I saw from the oblique top
  3. The valve gear of the SN class steam locomotive
  4. Operation unit of the SN class steam locomotive
  5. SN class the steam locomotive operation unit inside
  6. Tender of the SN class steam locomotive
  7. Scrapped car and spare machine of the Jijie engine depot
  8. Back figure of the SN class steam locomotive
  9. Number plate of SN class steam locomotive number 23
  10. Wooden hard class car for the Jijie line
  11. The mixture train that runs a shores of the Jinfu lake
  12. Locomotive that enters into the dedicated line in the Yengpeng freight station
  13. Mixture train that runs the section of Yangpeng to Huogudou period
  14. Mixture train that runs the section of Zhaodian to Sishuizhuang period

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