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C12 class in Vietnam

131-436 (Offered by A.Kaneko)
In 1938 and 1939 the 60 cars of JNR C12 class was converted to metre gauge from 1067mm gauge and offered to Japanese Army. These locomotives was brought to China Zheng-Tai line and named PULE-A class. In 1939 Zheng-Tai line was converted to standard gauge. These locomotives removed to Tong-Pu line north section. When the People's Republic of China was materialization, this class locomotives was renamed to PL51. In 1956 the Tong-Pu line north section was reconverted to standard gauge. Probably then it is conceivable that this locomotive was transferred to Vietnam. There was not the information of Vietnam at all until several years ago. However, we can hear the informations of still working C12 class by new political policy in Vietnam now. Several working C12 (The class name of Vietnam is 131) class was discovered by these information. However, the last working locomotive became abolition in April, 2002.
Vietnam_c12 Vietnam_c12
The carved seal of C12 is remaining to this locomotive. C12106 and 436 numbers are typed on the rod. However, it has been typed to the cylinder eyehole cover with C12136. I do not understand why 2 different numbers are written.

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