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Oume railway park

The Oume railway park is in Oume city of the suburbs of the west of Tokyo. This park was made in commemoration of railway the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Japan in 1962. Now JR east company is managing it. There is not case the locomotive of here works anymore. But, I think it is a precious culture property.
  1. Name:Oume railway park(Oume tetsudo koen) Google MAP
  2. Address:Oume city, Tokyo mets.
  3. Route:Walking 10 minutes from the Oume station of JR East
  4. Opening hours:March to Oct. AM 10:00-PM 17:30,(Entrance is until PM 17:30),Nov. to Feb. AM10:00-PM17:00(Entrance until PM16:30), closed on Mondays and New year's day
  5. Admission 100 Yen(Child below a kindergarten is free)
Photograph of the preserving locomotives
  1. 110 class #110 tank steam locomotive(Now preserved in the CIAL Yokohama)
  2. 2120 class #2221 tank steam locomotive
  3. C11 class #C111 tank steam locomotive
  4. E10 class #E102 tank steam locomotives
  5. 5500 class #5540 tender steam locomotive
  6. 8620 class #8620 tender steam locomotive
  7. 9600 class #9608 tender steam locomotive
  8. C51 class #C515 tender steam locomotive(Now preserved in the Railway museum)
  9. D51 class #D51452 tender steam locomotive
  10. ED16 class #ED161 DC electric locomotive
  11. MOHA40 class MOHA40054 electric car
  12. 0 class Shinkansen electric car

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