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#1 - Sail Clouds

The first run locomotive in Taiwan - Sail Clouds
Sep. 2016 Taipei 228 Park
Taiwan railway was started during the Qing(Ching) Dynasty in 1887 by the then Governor General Liu Ming-chuang. The first run locomotive in Taiwan - Sail Clouds in 1887 the manufacturing industry Hohenzollern had produced the 2 cars of this class. Then Taiwan railway was started 2 Hohenzollern and other 6 locomotives. Sail Clouds had been used to 1924 and now this is kept in Taiwan New Prak. The oldest locomotive in Taiwan is not this. In Taiwan the oldest locomotive is #9. #9 was made with Avonside of England in 1871. When a railway opened in Japan in 1871, it was used between Tokyo and Yokohama. After that, it was sent in Taiwan from Japan.

Data of #1 class
Whell arrengment 0-4-0 Loco. Weight in Working Order(t) 16.41
Heating Surface(m2) 34.84 Weight on Driving Wheels(t) 16.41
Cylinder Dimensions(mm) 292X406 Boiler Pressure(kg/cm2) 7.00
Loading Capacity of Coal(t) 0.6 Loading Capacity of Water(m3) 1.58
Grate Area(m2) 0.52 Width(mm) 2,184
Length(mm) 6,477 Height(mm) 3,461

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