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JNR's steam locomotives D60 class

D60 46 1972 Nougata Depot
The type D60 was made from the type D50, which had limited areas it could be used because of its heavy body, by changing the single-axle bogie to a two-axle, and the axle arrangement from 2-8-2 to 2-8-4. This lightened its axle weight, and as a result, it was able to enter lower grade lines. It was created by converting a total of 78 D50s at the Japan National Railways (JNR) Nagano, Hamamatsu, and Tsuchizaki factories between 1951 and 1956. They were used for freight on regional lines in various locations, and were last used in Kyushu until 1973. Currently, 4 of them are in static preservation (refers to locomotives that are preserved in a way that does not allow them to be immediately operated, and/or that are simply on display).

Data of D60 class
Whell arrangement 2-8-4 Heating Surface(m2) 212.30
Loco. Weight in Working Order(t) 81.56 Loading Capacity of Water(m3) 17.0
Weight on Driving Wheels(t) 54.68 Loading Capacity of Coal(t) 12.0
Tender Weight in Working Order(t) 49 Height of Boiler Cube center(mm) 2,500
Max Axle Weight(t) 13.76 Length(mm) 20,030
Diameter of Driving Wheel(mm) 1400 Height(mm) 3,995
Cylinder Dimensions(mm) 550X660 Boiler Pressure(kg/cm2) 13.00
Grate Area(m2) 3.25 Gauge 1,067mm(3'6")

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